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That which is good should be preserved

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A little about what we do.

The Friends was established in 1976 as a response to the neglect of the park and the need for

an organisation to represent the wider interests of Britain’s first public park.

Since its creation, the Friends have campaigned for the park’s conservation and restoration under its motto ‘That Which is Good Should be Preserved’. At the same time, Birkenhead Park was designated the first conservation area on the Wirral and the Friends play a major role as a

key consultative body, providing responses to all planning applications and contributing to the

Conservation Area Forum. Members of the Friends have produced leaflets on the history of

the park, a quarterly newsletter, and a guide for visitors: they play an important role in

leading walks through the Park and in giving talks on various topics.

The Restoration of the Park

This was due, in part, to the work of the Friends. Because of its international significance and

its Grade 1 status in English Heritage’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, there had

been increasing pressure to restore the park. In 2004 a major programme (£11.3m) was

initiated, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the European Union and English

Heritage, with the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral guaranteeing increased revenue support for

at least a ten-year period. This has resulted in a major transformation of Birkenhead Park

which can again be enjoyed in all its splendour.


The Friends seek to improve the profile of Birkenhead Park in the following ways:

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